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Research Center for Population and Development
Research Institute

Airlangga University


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Since founded in October 12, 1993, Research Center for Population and Development has contributed in various research, study, training, and education sponsored by Airlangga University Research Institute, Office of State Minister for Population / NFPCB, UNFPA, Regional Office of Department of Transmigration of East Java Province.
This center has completed the study of sectoral carrying capacity in East Java Province, the study of knowledge and attitude of males upon vasectomy in the City of Surabaya, the study of level of satisfaction and socio - economic characteristics in the elderly people in the nursing home, the basic course of demography attended by junior researchers and lecturers from various universities in East Java and Irian Jaya Provinces, Inservice training for field worker of transmigration.
This center is currently doing the research about infant and maternal mortality, drop-out among female school-age children, the managerial capability of the nurse home officials, the Indonesian cultural-based nursing home, environmental sanitation and nutritional status of Islamic Schools.

The Area of Activity
This center provides data and information based on research and study for supporting the goverment in the regional and national level in planning, executing, and evaluating the population program.
This center encourages population study centers in East Java Province and The Eastern Region of indonesia in developing the institution by training, education, and research.
The area of research includes fertility, mortality, migration, work-forces, marriage and divorce, elderly people, urban health, woman role in development, community participation in family planning and welfare program.
In the area of education, this center joins with the Study Program of Public Health, Airlangga University Post Graduate Program executes master program of population study.
In the are of training, this center provides various levels of training in demography, statistical and computer application, research methodology for researchers and lecturers in the field of population study.

Director : Kuntoro, MD, MPH, Dr.PH
Secretary : Edy Juwono Slamet, MS(Econ.), MA
There are four units of activity which supports this center,
I. Unit of Population Information System
II. Unit of Controlling Population Quantity
III. Unit of Enhancing Population Quality
IV. Unit of Directing Population Mobility and Distribution

Qualification of Personnel
Twenty six members support this center with qualification of expertise and education as follows,
Community Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition
Human Reproduction
Reproduction Health
Food Tecnology
Population Law
Public Health

Six units of 486 PC, two units of Pentium, three printers provided by software packages such as spreadsheet, SPSS, BMDP, SAS, MINITAB, Fortran, basic, Harvard Graphics enables the members to process, analyze, and present the data.
A large scale of SUSENAS ( National Socio-Economic Survey) data of East Java Province support training and education of population information system and data management.
A mini library which includes more than 400 copies of texbooks, journals, bulletins, research reports is available in this center.

This center maintains the cooperation with :
1. Office of State Minister for Population / NFPCB
2. United Nations Population Found (UNFPA)
3. Regional Office of Department of Tranmigration, East Java Province
4. Population Study Centers in East Java Province and the Eastern Region of Indonesia.
5. Central Bureau of Statistics
6. Regional Development Planning Board of East Java Province

Training Courses offered by PSK
 * Three Training Course during 1994-1995
** Basic Demography Course attended by PSCs in Irian Jaya and East Java Province
   SUSENAS Data Analysis attended by PSCs in Eastern Region 
   LANSIA Data Analysis attended by PSCs in Eastern Region
Research Project
 * Four Research during 194-1995
** Elderly Study in The Nursing Homes
   Antenatal, Natal, Postnatal Care
   Drop Out Among Female Students in the Villages
   Operational Research with Elderly Package Program in the Nursing Homes
Procurement of books and journals, etc.
 * List of Books procured and Subscription
** List of Books procured by Gramedia, PPK UGM, LDUI,
   UCLA, University of Oklahoma, University of Kentucky

More information:

Jl. Darmawangsa Dalam 2
phone: 062-31-5468925
faximile: 062-31-5342322

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